What Phoenix Property Owners Ought To Know About German Cockroaches

german roach in a kitchen

What Phoenix Property Owners Ought To Know About German Cockroaches

 Thousands of different species of cockroaches exist worldwide. Based on the warmer climate in Phoenix, these critters are a concern year-round, particularly if they infiltrate your property. The primary types of cockroaches found in this area include the American, Oriental, Brown-Banded, and German roach. Cockroaches are very unsanitary and will pose potential health concerns by contaminating areas. That's why immediately eliminating cockroaches from your Phoenix home is so important!

The German Cockroach

The German cockroach is a small species that is unlikely to exceed ½ inch long. They have a tan or brown body and two black stripes extend from the head to the torso. They do have wings but do not fly.

 The University of Arizona Pest Management Center explains that German cockroaches prefer to move indoors and tend to invade kitchen areas seeking food and water. The German cockroach will eat everything from human or pet food, book bindings, and dead cockroaches. They can reproduce quickly by creating sacs that typically contain 30 to 40 eggs, and generally hide in dark places.

Health Concerns Related To Cockroaches

Cockroaches often travel through trash and filth and may spread germs and pathogens through the interior of a property. They contaminate interior surfaces, food, and may spread diseases including E. coli, Salmonella, and Typhus. Cockroaches shed their skin and leave feces that can irritate your allergies and potentially cause asthma.

German Cockroach Activity Indoors

German cockroaches often are transported indoors unknowingly by people when contained in bags or boxes of food.  Because of their small size, they can easily travel through walls and plumbing areas seeking food and water. The waste they generate creates very unpleasant odors.

Importance Of Eliminating Potential Food Sources

Limiting easy access to food is critical in controlling these infestations. The kitchen trash should have a functional lid and the bag should be taken outside daily and placed in a sealed garbage container. Spills should be promptly cleaned up, countertops wiped thoroughly, and floors swept or vacuumed to remove crumbs.

Uneaten pet food and dirty dishes should not be left out overnight. Food should be stored in properly sealed containers. Leaking pipes and dripping faucets are potential sources of water that should be promptly repaired.

Other Best Practices To Prevent Cockroaches

There are various tips for preventing intrusion including: 

  • Clean up debris located near the exterior of the property
  • Inspect the foundation for cracks or gaps and fill them with a durable sealant
  • Check for any possible points of entry around the frames of windows and doors and apply sealant 
  • Use a dehumidifier to lower moisture levels if necessary
  • Always check bags, boxes, and house plants for these and other pests before bringing them indoors

Importance Of Contacting A Professional Exterminator 

When German cockroaches gain access to a property, they are among the most difficult pests to completely eradicate. As the smallest species of cockroaches in the region, they can nest in hard-to-find areas and reproduce quickly. 

 Trying do-it-yourself sprays, gels, traps, and bait stations are rarely successful, and promptly contacting a professional pest controller is critical.

Experienced Provider of Customized Pest Control Solutions in Phoenix

The team of professionals at Bug Science will conduct a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of your property to create a specialized solution to eliminate any current infestations of cockroaches and other pests. They will also identify any specific problems that exist that make your property vulnerable to future intrusions.

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