Why Carpenter Ants Invade Phoenix Properties

carpenter ants on wood

Carpenter ants are destructive household pests that often plague Arizona property owners. And while most people know that they don't want carpenter ants around, they don't understand why these pests are attracted to their property. To learn how to protect your property from carpenter ants, you need to know why they want to invade in the first place.

Why Do I Have Carpenter Ants In My Home?

All of the following could be attracting carpenter ants and inciting them to invade.

You Have Crumbs & Leftovers 

One reason carpenter ants want to make their way inside your walls is to get to the food. Although carpenter ants tunnel through wood, they don't eat wood. They eat protein and sugars, which can be found throughout your property. In your garbage cans, there's an entire smorgasbord for these Phoenix ants. All of the crumbs and leftover food is plenty to keep a carpenter ant colony full and content.
If you have food on your surfaces or crumbs on your floor, you could also be attracting ants inside. The only way to make food less available to carpenter ants is to clean your floors and tables on a regular basis.

You Don't Store Your Pantry Food Properly

The food in your pantry could be food for carpenter ants if you're not cautious. Store all of your food in containers with airtight lids that keep ants out. Once opened, bags and boxes are no match for carpenter ants. 
Go through your pantry and ensure that all dried goods are in lidded containers. If you have any leftovers on your counters, store those properly as well. 

There Are Dead Insects Around

In addition to eating your crumbs, carpenter ants also eat dead insects. If you have other pests in your home, you shouldn't be surprised to find carpenter ants. They may be feeding on insect carcasses. 
While you probably prefer finding dead insects to live ones, you need to remove the remnants as soon as possible. When you clean, be sure to look for insect carcasses and remove them. 

You Have Aphids

If you have plants in your patio, home, or yard, you could have aphids. And while aphids are annoying enough on their own, they pose another issue. They leave behind a honeydew secretion that attracts carpenter ants. 
To deter carpenter ants, keep your plants free from aphids. You may also want to keep your plants far from your home or business. If you have a garden directly outside your structure, you could tempt these pests to invade. 

There's Too Much Moist Wood

Although carpenter ants can chew through solid wood, they prefer moist wood. It's easier to chew through, which means it takes less work for the ants to create tunnels and nests. If you have moist wood on your property, you could be inviting carpenter ants into your building.
If you find moist wood, replace it with undamaged wood. You should also look for sources of excess moisture, like leaks in your plumbing or areas of poor drainage. Check your property for stumps and make sure piles of firewood aren't near any of your structures.

The Importance Of Carpenter Ant Prevention

Once carpenter ants decide to invade, they can do significant damage. While they're not as destructive as termites, carpenter ants can damage the structural elements of your building. They also have the potential to contaminate your food. 
After carpenter ants enter your home or business, you'll find it difficult to eliminate them. They reproduce rapidly and can take over a property in a short time. To remove the ants, you need to work with a Phoenix pest control expert
Here at Bug Science, we can help you. If you have a problem with carpenter ants, contact us and get started with effective residential and commercial exterminator services today. We will do everything in our power to eliminate them and protect your property from future threats.