Just How Dangerous Are The Termites In Phoenix?

a large termite up close

Just How Dangerous Are The Termites In Phoenix?

The most dangerous pests around aren’t the ones that feed on our blood or contaminate our food. Rather, the most hazardous pests are the ones that toil away and do extensive structural damage without us even knowing. We’re talking about termites, and they are far more common pests than people give them credit for. Learning how you can spot the early signs of a termite infestation may just save you from irreversible problems.

An Overview Of Termites

Termites are insects that eat through wood. While they attack trees and wooden structures, they create their colonies in the dirt. Just like ants, termites form tunnels and utilize a caste system to maximize their workload. With workers to form tunnels and gather food for the rest of the colony, soldiers that defend against predators, and reproductive alates that churn out more members, termites are some of the toughest pests to control. Not only do they have similar life cycles and behaviors, but termites also look a lot like ants. While you’re less likely to see termites than you are to see ants, here are some traits you can use to tell them apart:

  • Color: Most invasive ants are brown or black, while termites are yellow or even clear. You’re far more likely to see an ant walking about since termites spend their entire lives avoiding light.
  • Shape: Ants have bodies with three distinct segments and pinched waists, whereas termite bodies are straighter and less compartmentalized.
  • Antennae: Ants have bent antennae, while termites’ are more straight and tend to only have a slight curl.

The Dangers Termites Pose

Unlike many invasive pests, termites aren’t known to transmit diseases and they don’t bite people or pets. However, they can still pose greater dangers than their docile nature indicates. Here are some of the health risks associated with termite infestations:


Termites chew through the wooden cores of structural woods, which can make crucial walls and beams unable to bear weight. This increases the risk of collapse and can lead to irreversible damage.


Just like other pests, the presence of termites in a structure can worsen allergies and the wood dust they kick up can be harmful to those with respiratory illnesses, like asthma.


All of the problems termites cause are made worse by the fact that they breed in the thousands and are nearly impossible to fully eradicate. The longer termites are around, the more likely they are to have adverse effects on your health and property.

Signs Of Termites & Ways To Prevent Them

Termites are so dangerous because the problems they cause often aren’t obvious until it’s too late to prevent them. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout for early signs that will allow you to address a colony right away. Here are some signs of termite activity and ways to prevent them:

  • Warped wood: As interior wood is hollowed out by termites, surface wood warps and bulges in response. This leads to sagging wall segments or buckled floorboards, which can be an early sign of termites. 
  • Windows & doors: The other sign of wood damage is loose or ill-fitting windows and doors, which are another result of warping surface woods.
  • Landscaping: Termites form their tunnels in the soil before they encroach upon structures, so keeping soil beds kept back from your exterior walls will reduce your risk of termites. Overhanging tree limbs can also provide termites with a direct route to get close to your structures.

The Best Tactic Is Professional Help

Because they are so dangerous, termites aren’t a pest you want to try and handle on your own. By the time you notice the signs of their activity, it’s too late to truly address termites. Rather than try to keep them out or contained, turn instead to the experts who can give you the best chance of avoiding termite damage. At Bug Science, we know how to check your property inside and out for signs of termites or the things that might attract them. We’ll not only address existing problems, we’ll work with you to implement proven pest control measures to keep you safe from an infestation in the future.

Don’t let termites chew their way through your property; get started on proper termite control and prevention in Phoenix today.