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Stop Letting Mosquitoes Ruin Your Evenings In Phoenix, AZ

On a beautiful warm evening, there are few things sweeter than spending time relaxing in your backyard. However, if you have a lot of mosquitoes on your property, this is precisely the time of day when they like to come out too. Mosquitoes will make your time anything but relaxing as they buzz around your head and look for exposed skin to provide their nighttime meal. If mosquitoes have been preventing you from enjoying your property, it’s time to do something about it. Bug Science offers comprehensive mosquito control in Greater Phoenix, AZ to minimize mosquito populations in your yard.

Our Mosquito Control Offerings

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We’ll begin by inspecting your property to identify where adult mosquitoes harbor and breed. Mosquitoes spend the hottest parts of the day resting in the shade under foliage, shrubbery, and bushes. We’ll look for these areas around your property where the majority of adult mosquitoes are likely to spend their time.

We’ll also look for breeding sites. Mosquitoes require standing water for their eggs to hatch, so we’ll look for places where water accumulates, as well as overly moist areas.


Our mosquito treatments are comprehensive, targeting mosquitoes at all stages of development for the most effective results. We first use backpack machines to perform a mosquito fogging treatment to the areas where we determined during our inspection that adult mosquitoes rest.

We’ll then place bucket traps in the areas with standing water or excess moisture. These bucket traps contain a product that works in several ways. It sterilizes the females that lay eggs in it, it attaches to the female so that she spreads it to other mosquitoes, and it prevents the eggs from developing.


Our mosquito control service comes with a 30-day warranty. If you don’t see a significant reduction in mosquitoes around your yard, we’ll return to re-treat. Although available on a one-time basis, we recommend signing up for our monthly mosquito control plan. This recurring plan will ensure that you can enjoy your yard all season long.

Protecting Your Phoenix Family From Problem Mosquitoes

When mosquitoes make you miserable, remember that Bug Science can help. Not only will we save you from the annoyance of itchy bites, but mosquito control services will also make it far less likely that you’ll encounter a disease-carrying mosquito. Protect your family by contacting Bug Science today.


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