The Best Form Of Rodent Control For Your Phoenix Property

house mice in a pantry

The Best Form Of Rodent Control For Your Phoenix Property

We’ve all felt that feeling of not being completely sure what’s in our house. It’s that pit in your stomach when you reach to turn on the light, not knowing if you’ll see something dart into a corner or not. It’s the feeling of uneasiness when you hear a noise in the attic, and you try to convince yourself that it’s just the air conditioning. However, if you are wrong and it’s something else, then you might be putting yourself at risk for costly repairs and worse. When you have mice or rats in your home, you’d be surprised how much damage they can do to both your house and your health.

Dangerous Home Invaders

Notice it is either mice or rats, as you rarely have an infestation of both. The smaller rodents don't get along very well with the larger rat species. Mice are typically white tan or light gray in color, with bodies that measure up to three inches, not including the tail. Rats, on the other hand, are much larger, measuring anywhere from six to nine inches long not even including their long tails. Along with larger bodies, they also have much larger brains. Which makes people think that a rat infestation is far worse than a mouse infestation.

However, both pests are dangerous to have in the house. When they’re not invading your home, they’re spending time in sewers, landfills, and dumpsters, making them very adept at spreading disease all over your house. When mice and rats get in, they’ll search for sources of food, loose trash, and crumbs throughout your kitchen and dining areas. As they search, they’ll leave bacteria all over these surfaces, exposing you to diseases like salmonella and E.coli. Their feces, which they’ll leave in the corners of rooms, are also toxic and contain a lot of harmful bacteria. Call the experts today at Bug Science to safeguard your family and your health!

Prevention Methods

In order to prevent these health hazards on four legs from entering your home, you’ll need to understand how they enter your home in the first place. Rats are the more intelligent of the two and will sneak into your house like a Navy Seal team. They’ll use the cover of lawn decorations and landscaping items to get close to your house before entering through a large enough opening or sneaking in when the garage door is open. They’ll also find ways in through vents or chimneys on the roof if they get roof access.

Since rats are so aware of their surroundings, you can spook them by switching up your lawn decorations every week or so. Change in their environments is unsettling to them and will encourage them to move to another property. Mice, on the other hand, are the less intelligent of the two. However, their small brains and bodies are incredibly squishable, for lack of a better term. Using their sharp teeth, they’ll carve out small holes in your walls or expand on existing cracks to squeeze into your home. They can typically fit their bodies through holes no larger than a quarter.

Since both species are so difficult to keep out of your house, your focus will need to shift to eradication. You don’t want a rat or mouse infestation to linger, as they’ll do damage to your home and put your health at risk. Unfortunately, however, home remedies like traps and poison won’t do the trick. Rats are too smart for most traps, and mice will reproduce far too quickly for home remedies to work. You might catch one or two while a dozen more have already been born within your walls. Really, the only way to guarantee your safety from a potential mouse or rat infestation is to trust in the pros. For total rodent control in Phoenix, contact the professionals at Bug Science. We’ve got the home pest control and commercial exterminator services you need at the prices you want, so give us a call today.