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About Bug Science

Founded in 2020, but with five years of prior pest control experience, Bug Science solves pest problems in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. As a family-run business, we are committed to providing our customers with the most proactive pest control services available. When you need pest control, we will exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Bug Science?

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Why should you choose Bug Science for your pest control needs?

  • We use the most innovative technology to solve pest problems.
  • We use the best products available.
  • We offer organic options that use essential oils.
  • We have five years of experience in pest control.
  • Our mission is to protect, defend, and enhance your property by providing the most proactive pest control services.
  • We will exceed your expectations every step of the way.
  • We offer free inspections, same-day services, emergency services, and a pest-free guarantee.
  • We provide both home pest control and commercial pest control services.
  • We offer specialty pest control services.
  • We customize our treatments to address your particular problems.

The Experiment Is Over; Contact Bug Science Today!

When you need pest control, you don’t want a company that tries out different treatments to find one that works. At Bug Science, we’ve done the research, and the experiment is over. We have the pest control solutions to treat your home or business and protect it from the pests that have been causing you problems.

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